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Buffalo, United States

About me

Im a lawyer but thats just my job. Im also a musician, an artist, a writer, and a pretty good cook. I appreciate the finer things, from great music to good movies to wonderful food and beautiful women. Ive never been one for the roving eye thing. That doesnt mean Im clingy or demanding, just that I lack the patience to try to juggle multiple people. Ive been married (18 years) and Ive had my kids. Im not looking for either of those things this time around, which has a lot to do with why Im on this site. That doesnt mean Im indifferent to feelings or even closed off to the possibility of love. It just means Im not about the white picket fences anymore. I work long hours, and I am devoted to my kids, which means my time can be both limited and unpredictable. BUT when I DO spend time with someone I believe in making it quality time. Make the experience worth carving out that niche in the schedule. Ive seen, done, and experienced a lot, and Ive tried to learn from all of it. Im all about sharing the lessons Ive learned. I dont presume to call myself wise, but what I DO know is yours for the sharing. I can be a guide and a mentor, a listener and even a teacher, in addition to being a friend, confidant, and lover.

Interested in

NO: bots, fakes, or scammers. YES: Im looking for someone who is young at heart, if not chronologically (meaning Im not fixated on age). An open mind, a creative spirit, and an appreciation for sensual experiences (this includes good food, great music, fine art) are all big pluses in my book. Yes, physical beauty is attractive to me, but I have a very broad definition of beauty. Im an educated man working in a professional field where I make my way on the strength of my intelligence (among other things), so Id like someone who can keep up with me conversationally and intellectually. Note: this isnt about your formal education, its about your natura wit, your mental agility, and your enthusiasm for discussing new things. Dont think Im some dry bookworm type. Im also a musician (multiple instruments, plus singing and songwriting), a visual artist, and a writer. Im a huge movie buff, an avid music collector, and an insatiable reader. Im constantly trying to learn new things (self-taught musician, self-taught 3D artist) and Im endlessly curious. The more of those traits you share the better, but Im not looking for someone just like me. I enjoy the ways that people are different from me as much as I enjoy their similarities. Im a very straightforward person, and I dont play mind games. People know exactly where they stand with me. I expect the same in return. Ive done the drama thing and have no interest in doing so again. If the idea of spending a secluded weekend at a bed-and-breakfast in the French Quarter appeals to you, or an evening of fine dining and dancing, or a spontaneous trip to go skydiving, or a day being pampered at a spa and then ravished when you get home, we might just be compatible. Im very attentive, and when youre with me you can expect to be the center of the world. Most of all, I get my enjoyment from giving enjoyment to others. A spontaneous smile in response to something Ive done is pure gold to me.

Personal info

Height 5' 9" - 175 cm, weight 194 lbs - 88 kg, body type average, hair color light brown, eye color black
I don't have kids
Social drinker
Bachelor's degree
Star sign:

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