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Ryuk, 49

Was online: 8 August 2020

Washington, United States

About me

APOLOGIES in advance: for my topless pic - i know its probably going to seem tasteles to most, but i wanted to be honest about my physical appearance since i myself had been duped previously by someone who misrepresented herself in text and only supplied head shots. UPDATE: starting on two books - a biographical two part book (the format will blow your mind!) ok... maybe not blow your mind... but at least it wont be expected - BUT, if you DO guess the format, reply in an email and whoever gets it right, ill buy her a laptop or something of comparable worth - anyways, the format encompasses the first and second part - so, kind of specific. second book (series) is a fictional drama based on scientific advancements, interpretation of those advances and religion - this one will definitely blow your mind! but im going to keep the details to myself til the first draft is done. MY Description: i make six figures, lol, but you can get away with saying that and JUST make six, lol (eg. $100,000) - i make more than that, but not much more. ive got my own expenses but can afford a basic arrangement which i suppose would be negotiable depending on what we both are looking for. I actually dance pretty good as long as theres a sweet beat - i dont like the regular clubs with dress codes (no dress codes for me). i have a flexible work schedule (from home) but my work load can get hectic at times - basically i have a lot of free time and then none. im in good shape as long as i make time for the gym, thankfully i have residual buildup from my days as a wrestler. im very affectionate with the right lady and dont like drama or nasty attitudes. that being said, im hilarious (so im told), dependable and generous, but dont like being told what to do. not sure how that fits together but i dont get any complaints. WHY im on here: i want to find someone who excites me and is appreciative of my company and all the positives im bringing to the table, which includes taking her out on exciting dates, vacationing locally and abroad, making her feel like shes my queen and unstoppable. I also have a lot of connections in the area; have helped people with life planning and mentorship as well. Caveat - what i give in my SA relationship will be commensurate with what my lady offers by way of attitude, honesty and sincerity. Besides all that, i am skilled and will tell you what my skill is if youre interested.

Interested in

im looking for a natural beauty (doesnt need or wear much makeup). someone who has more than a couple of interests and has an opinion on things - id like decent conversation, so while a higher education isnt necessary, being able to use some critical thinking and having an interest in things other than TMZ type info is desired ;) - someone with a good sense of humor - doesnt mind going dancing sometimes or just hanging around. while im able to help with arrangements, im not going to try and fool you: im not rich, i just make a decent living and am an excellent companion - so probably the fact that im not paying your rent, but youre actually having a great time with me will make the package worthwhile. thats not to say i wont help out. it really depends on the dynamic of the relationship, but i HAVE paid rent for gfs before, as well as car repair bills, taken them on vacations overseas and to hawaii, etc. id rather pay for something substantial than kick down a repetitive allowance, and usually for something that is going to be appreciated - like i said, im not rich, so when i do help out, i want my lady to know that i went out of my way for her and not take me for granted. it would be nice to find someone who likes movies, shooting pool... thats all i can think of for now. also, race, height, hair - no preference. as for body - i dont mind a girl who has an average body proportionally, but i wont go for a heavy girl or one who doesnt take care of her shape - i will overlook body flaws based on how pretty the face is - i know that sounds shallow, but id rather not waste anyones time or my own :/ also, one thing is for sure - and im not trying to make this something its not, but IF things get romantic... i have some definite wants that im looking for - if you message me, than ill tell you before you decide whether to pursue conversation with me - thanks for stopping by and looking ladies! ;)

Personal info

Height 6' 2" - 188 cm, weight 207 lbs - 94 kg, body type average, hair color dark blonde, eye color black
I don't have kids
Social drinker
Bachelor's degree
Star sign:

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