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Savvy1a, 36

Was online: 15 September 2019

New York, United States

About me

How am I different? (read the last part). Sorry, been weeding thru the messages to hopefully find the right girl =) When I was a young boy growing up, I always dreamed of being a successful but also good man. By growing up and doing things yourself you build character as well as understand other peoples personality and feelings. It has made me more balanced as well as appreciate and respect people in life and in general. I have my own business in the world of finance/real estate investments. Although I work hard, I have learned that one should enjoy different aspects of life and not take things too seriously, otherwise life isnt joyful anymore. What makes people happy is to be themselves. I enjoy making people happy (real laughter-like if I say something funny or stupid and you cant control laughing and accidentally spit out your drink)...and still be having a great time. I like trying new restaurants, have learned to cook somewhat, wine pairing, nightlife, attending shows and sporting events, travelling (I have a pilots license), watching movies, and just being comfortable reading or watching tv, play games, or listening to music at home w/ a glass of wine. I play the piano/keyboard, but not great at it. It sometimes takes time to know people, but as long as you be yourself you wont have regrets. I lived in the UK during primary school and if I drink enough, sometimes the accent comes out =P Sometimes, you can tell the personality of a person by the type of music they listen to. My range goes from Pop Music (Maroon 5, Taylor Swift), EDM , Classic Rock (Beatles, Eagles), Classical (Mozart, Chopin), Light Jazz, and perhaps something new. Im pretty level headed, respect others, independent, and definitely not stupid lol. I dont make people do things they dont want to do. I always believe people should do things because they want to, not because they have to. I am completely single, never been married or have kids, so completely drama free ;)

Interested in

Im pretty independent so it would be nice to find somebody that is similar. Im not a clingy person, so mutual respect will allow us to just be ourselves and enjoyable. If you have a job or a student will be respectful and well work around our schedules. I would take you to try different restaurants, explore the city(or travel), shows, nightlife. Explore mind and body. If theres something you want to try, I m open to trying some new things or new places. However, chilling and watching a movie at home w/ a bottle of wine (I took wine pairing classes) is equally appealing. Basically I would love to meet somebody with natural chemistry. It doesnt have to be serious, but want to actually look forwards to seeing each other. I dont want the feeling of forced interaction because it defeats the purpose. I dont want somebody who basically just wants someone to take them shopping. I actually WANT our time together to be fun. I prefer white/asian and towards the slender side. Somebody cute, but a positive personality. Being able to talk comfortably, naturally makes our time together enjoyable. If you want your life to be a little easier and actually enjoy your time doing it, let me know :) What Im offering: All the benefits of traditional dating- Fun dates, restaurants, shows, activities that Ill pay for, I promise Ill make you laugh, an understanding of the female psychology and anatomy ;) Ill take care of you as a person w/o the cheapness feel of the site. But NONE of the negatives-Not possessive, no stalking, no jealousy, but freedom and NSA. Update: I just got a dog to dogsit for a few weeks. Although Im experienced with dogs, she seems to respond better to ladies,please help =P *WARNING: Any institutions or individuals using this site for studies or articles-You DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form. If so it will be considered a violation of my privacy and be subject to legal ramifications.

Personal info

Height 5' 9" - 175 cm, weight 180 lbs - 82 kg, body type average, hair color light blonde, eye color green
I don't have kids
Social drinker
Bachelor's degree
Star sign:

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