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Baltimore, United States

About me

I work as an Accountant and invest in real estate on the side. My real passion resides in travel, I have visited 35+ countries and lived in 3. I am working towards a remote career with the ability to travel more and hopefully take up residence elsewhere. If you are looking for someone to explore the world with, look no further. I am easy to please and genuinely make the greatest travel companion. I work out 4+ days a week, keep a healthy diet, and appreciate the same qualities in others. In my free time I enjoy riding horses, flying trapeze, and trying new restaurants. I am intelligent, educated, and competent at holding my own in conversation. I am happy to debate politics or scrutinize international health care systems.. but Im also more than happy to goof off and joke around when the time is right. I enjoy getting dolled up for a night on the town just as much as I enjoy a weekend trek through the alps. I love theater, particularly musicals, though my favorite productions have always been Cirque Du Soleil. In summary... I am not your typical girl in search of not the typical man.

Interested in

I am looking for someone who is young at heart and can hold stimulating and intellectual conversation; someone who will keep me on my toes and keep me smiling and laughing. I appreciate those who are well traveled and still looking to explore the world. I would love to find a mentor who can help me achieve my at times overly ambitious career goals. If you are more than 10 years older than me I am just as interested in meeting you but ask you to please understand that I would love to bring many things to your life including companionship and happiness, however, a deeply physical relationship is not something I would be comfortable with.

Personal info

Height 5' 9" - 175 cm, weight 112 lbs - 51 kg, body type petite, hair color black, eye color brown
I don't want kids
Social drinker
Bachelor's degree
Star sign:

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